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Syncing, cool-looking library, autosave… There are lots of great features in this one.

The app requires a subscription, though, so if you are hard on money, it is better to compare the prices first. You can use a day free trial and then decide whether you want to keep the app. Microsoft Word is certainly the leader in digital writing.

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It is known by every computer user in the world. You can use numerous tools to make your text look exactly the way you want it to. Reading mode allows you to view docs. Documents can be saved in various formats — all as usual. So, if you prefer good old ways, this is your best choice! By the way, it makes syncing between the devices easier and more available.

It can be synced between Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Best Writing Apps for iPad for Students | Educational App Store

Originally created for Mac, the app has been adapted to other platforms. There are such useful features as footnotes, references, and others. More than that, they can be published right from the app to your blog no matter whether you use WordPress, Medium, Blogger, or even Tumblr. So, if you have Mac and have been using Byword there for quite a while, choose this one! Not only it will provide a comfortable working environment for you, but it will also sync your texts in a moment which means no worries about switching between the devices.

If you want a really simple app for writing, choose a notes taking app! For example, Simplenote. You just open it and you write whatever you need to write — ideas, notes, lists. If your notes collection grows, you can use special tags and pins so that it would be easy for you to find the most necessary notes. Despite the fact that it is just a notes taking app, there is a collaboration feature — you can allow access to your notes to someone else.

All in all, it is a perfectly plain and wonderful app! Give it a try. Notes taking apps are not all that easy. A vivid example of it is Evernote. Searching for the needed notes is easy!

Why use an iPad when you could just use your Mac?

Inputting notes is also not that hard. You can add plain text notes, photos, audios, voice recordings, and many more. The app can be synchronized between all the modern devices that exist today. It is very popular. So if what you need is to take and to store notes, this is an amazing option for you! If aesthetics are important to you, you may consider getting Typing Writer app. The app basically simulates what has been long forgotten — a typewriter. It provides all the details that are associated with a traditional typewriter — sounds, inability to correct mistakes instantly, and even a special brush to white out mistakes.

The best part of it all is that you cannot correct anything until the work is done.

Top 11 Writing Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

It kind of boosts your productivity, or at least makes you more accurate. For just one dollar, you get a nice typing machine on your iPad. Of course, all the produced texts can be saved and opened in any other word processor. All the rest details can be taken care of later. Whether you want to try this cute way of inputting words or not is up to you.

Editorial is an iOS editor. Hemingway is a software that measures the readability of your content as well as provides suggestion on how to improve. When the text is pasted into the app, it is assessed on readability grades that I have mentioned in the above sentence.

The best thing about this software is, this powerful tool runs on any operating system and easily fix potential areas in your writing. To use the Hemingway editor, copy your text from a word processor and paste into the text editor. The newest version of the Hemingway 2. It highlights the incorrect sentences in color code, so you can address them one at a time. Most of the client avoid passive voice sentences because it weakens the force of writing.

So, with the help of this app, you can change the meaning of the sentences without losing it sense. Moreover, it offers an online version that you can use free. What it does: Ginger editor is a simple word processor and proofreading tool designed for writers. It analyzes your writing and based on the complexity of the sentences, it will give you alternative suggestions. It is a powerful grammar checker that can easily identify text errors and make suggestions to improve. Sometime writer unable make difference between single and plural errors, that time Ginger automatically detect the errors and correct it effortlessly.

Although basically, ginger software tool available for personal users, but it is available for commercial use as well. This app is easy to use and easily embedded in Android, Windows, and ios.

Along with that, in order to make document and writing experience faster, this software was equipped with keyboard shortcuts, allowing users to proofread documents easily. Meanwhile, to top this all, users are given the opportunity to improve their English writing skills as Ginger has its own learning center. Details: This product designed in three distinct subscription plans. We ensure you that, this is interesting and potentially useful for the writers who are dealing with American, British and Canadian clients.

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