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Television is forever known for imitating stereotypes and neglecting minorities. When and if we see minorities on TV, rarely do we see accurate reflections of them. The majority of television programs and movies cater to the well-known stereotypes we all recognize. Are there exceptions to this unwritten rule?

In examining the TV shows I have watched in recent years, I believe there are some TV shows that do not cater to the commonly held stereotypes of minorities. Native Americans are just one ethnic minority that is constantly misrepresented.

Black & African American Communities and Mental Health

Westerns tend to characterize Native Americans as savage and ignorant. However, one show, The Young Riders , has broken the mold and depicts not only the side of the white settlers but that of the Native Americans.

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The Young Riders is a program about the lives of six young Pony Express riders. One of the riders, Buck, is half Kiowa and half white. Several episodes concentrate on his loyalty to his Indian heritage. In one particular episode, the Kiowa Indians attack the Pony Express riders. Buck is seen discussing the matter with his Indian brother.

Furthermore, he explains that as the word of the white man grows so does he, and thus he becomes a larger threat to the Indians. Consequently, in many episodes, Buck is often harassed because of his Indian blood.

However, the other riders always come to bat for him and defend their friend no matter what his ethnic origin may be. The Young Riders was canceled about four years ago but while it was on, it served as an accurate reflection of the crisis between the white settlers and the Indians. African-Americans are another minority that is usually misrepresented by television.

African-Americans are most often portrayed as poor, uneducated, and very often as criminals. The Cosby Show is one program that moved beyond this unfair stereotype.

Truth, lies and stereotypes: when scientists ignore evidence | Aeon Essays

The sitcom is based on a seven-member African-American household in which the father is a doctor and the mother is a lawyer. The Cosby Show was a sitcom and it did not focus primarily on the aspect of two African-Americans as affluent professionals. However, it did aid in disputing the stereotypes that African-Americans are either poor or criminals. When it first began, The Cosby Show was among only a few shows based on the lives of African-Americans.

The Media’s Stereotypical Portrayals of Race

Today we see more and more shows centered around the lives of African-Americans. Many of these shows are sitcoms and do not always portray African-Americans accurately. We still need more shows about African-Americans that are more serious-minded and paint a true picture of their lives. Most shows focus on the professional elite, believing that the blue-collar working class is dull and boring.

African americans and stereotypes essays

However, there are a few shows that dispute this theory. As well, rap music and the rap music industry emphasizes negative stereotypes of African-Americans. The rap industry and music promote negative stereotypes of black people as it fuels negative stereotypes such as black men being thugs, hypersexual…. Although many of these songs do not specify which race of people they are speaking of the videos of these songs usually contain mostly Black women and men. These some of the many attributes and the stereotypes of black women that are given to them from misrepresentation in the mainstream media.

Not only are these labels incorrect, they can be harmful to black women everywhere; they perpetuate this idea that if one falls into a stereotype about the community in which they belong, it makes them…. Mass Media Influences on the Misperceptions of African American Women Stereotypes diminish individuals through simplified and exaggerated characteristics and insist that these traits are natural qualities Love. The most unprotected person in America is the Black Woman. Although the captivity of the black body took place over a century ago, it has shaped the way Black people, Black women in particular, are treated in American society.

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White supremacist and racist ideology that began during slavery have evolved from explicit racial cues such as the lynching and beating of the black body to more implicit ones that have made their way into mainstream media, one of the…. Byron Hart depicts various stereotypes in hip hop culture. Through various interviews and songs, he proves his views about masculinity, misogyny, and racism in hip hop.

Racism plays a large role in asserting dominance and proving masculinity. It has the capability to impact as well as distort and influence the way in which a person or circumstance is perceived. In this research paper I am going to take a look at how African American women are depicted within the media, specifically in the Canadian context. The intent of this research paper is to further understand and explore how African American women are portrayed within….

Stereotypes seem to be something we cannot escape. When I say we I am referring to we, as a people. Once you are old enough to go to school and begin to interact with other culturally diverse people you pick and learn new things about others, and you began to stereotype for…. Not only do we have to deal with everything a White woman does, and we also have the added pressure of defying stigmas and stereotypes within our own group of people. The stereotypical misrepresentations of African-American women and men in popular culture have influenced societal views of Blacks for centuries.

The typical stereotypes about Black women range from…. Show, as viewers, racial and ethnic stereotypes have been portrayed in varies books, countless television shows and other forms of the media which we as you would expect scrutinized each TV show differently. These episodes are important because they reflect larger social attitudes about not only the life we portray as but our race and how it impact sociality.

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