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Student Use of Copyrighted Materials in Academic and Creative Work

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Copyright Infringement, Plagiarism and Fair Use

Commenting on or critiquing of copyrighted material - for positive or negative commentary, parody, or to solicit commentary. Using copyrighted material for illustration or example - for illustrating a point. Use gives new purpose to original material.

Reproducing, reposting, or quoting in order to memorialize, preserve, or rescue an experience, an event, or a cultural phenomenon - memorializing a moment in order to transform its original intent. Copying, restoring, and recirculating a work or part of a work for purposes of launching a discussion - transformation by using original work to launch a discussion.


Transformative Use of a copyrighted work that is different from its original intent. For example, you wish to use a clip of a feature film to illustrate violence against women in your class video project about domestic violence.

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Also, plagiarism, in and of itself, is not illegal. While it can be considered a mitigating factor in the event a legal dispute should arise, it is only considered illegal if it also constitutes copyright infringement. Fair use is a legal gray area that refers to exceptions in the rights of copyright holders and allows for limited use of copyrighted material, even without permission.

However, the conditions in which fair use can be claimed are not set in stone and depend upon four factors :. In short, using short, attributed snippets of a piece for the purpose of commentary or education is generally considered fair use. The shorter the amount copied and the more it is for the purpose of commentary or education, the more likely it is to be deemed fair use.

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One important note about fair use is that all incidents of it involve attribution. An act of plagiarism never falls under fair use.

Edit: The above paragraph is incorrect. Please see this article with updated and more accurate information excvwurcwbrzadsrdfaezfszfuarve.

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  8. As one might imagine, these terms often get thrown around incorrectly a great deal and can add a lot of tension to an already hostile situation. An example of this recently took place at Babayaga. Though the copied content was definitely sizable, as you can see in this screenshot of the original article, and a definite violation of copyright law and the DMCA considering it would fail any fair use test , it was not technically plagiarism as the use was credited in the footer.

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    However, Mr. Markstein, when writing to complain about the misuse of the material, used the term to make sure he was clear to someone outside of the publishing fields. Though his reasons were genuine, the use of the term caused the situation to get very far off track Note: I do not agree with nor condone the content of this link. For, while Mr. This is an area that brings about enough strong emotions without the aid of miscommunication. So taking a moment to get terms straight and make sure we understand one another is critical.

    ‘Fair Dealing’ Defences in UK Copyright Law: An Analysis

    Perhaps this brief explanation will be able to help out with that. How to Find Plagiarism 2. Contacting a Plagiarist 3. But, the concept of fair use or fair dealing of copyright is an exception to this rule.

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    Section 52 of the Copyright Act enlists some of the acts, which do not constitute an infringement of copyright. Fair use or fair dealing of copyright is one of them. The idea behind the exception is to disseminate the information. If fair dealing is not allowed and permission needs to be sought for every use of any copyright, work or material, it would result in a high transaction cost for obtaining information.

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