Preventing air pollution essay

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How to Prevent, Control & Reduce Air Pollution

Khatri says. There are also likely longer-term effects from ongoing exposure that are more difficult to measure, such as the likelihood of lung cancer from radon exposure, as well as secondhand and thirdhand smoke. They need to be HEPA high-efficiency particulate arresting air filters. Fortunately, there are ways you can minimize air pollution in your home, car or at work, Dr. Share this article via email with one or more people using the form below.

Send me expert insights each week in Health Essentials News. In the air, SO 2 combines with water to form sulphurous acid H 2 SO 3 which is the cause of acid rain.

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It causes chlorosis and necrosis of vegetation. Sulphur dioxide, above 1 ppm, affects human beings. It causes irritation to eyes and injury to respiratory tract. It results in discolouration and deterioration of buildings, sculptures, painted surfaces, fabrics, paper, leather, etc.

How to Prevent Air Pollution

They are produced naturally through biological and non-biological activities from nitrates, nitrites, electric storms, high energy radiations and solar flares. Human activity forms nitrogen oxides in combustion process of industries, automobiles, incinerators and nitrogen fertilizers.

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Nitrogen oxides act on unsaturated hydrocarbons to form peroxy-acyl nitrates or PAN. It gives rise to photochemical smog. They cause eye irritation, respiratory troubles, blood congestion and dilation of arteries.

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Due to excessive combustion activity, the content of C0 2 has been steadily rising. As carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere it absorbs more and more of the reflected infrared radiation. This could cause an increase in temperature referred to as the green house effect.

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Melting polar ice caps and glaciers could cause sea levels to rise, flooding most of the major population centres and fertile lands. Phosgene COCl 2 is a poisonous and suffocating volatile liquid which is employed in dye industry and synthesis of organic compounds.

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They are widely used as disinfectants. Other sources are jet plane emissions which contain chlorofluorocarbons. Chlorofluorocarbons are also used in refrigeration and formation of certain types of solid plastic foams. Burning of plastics produces polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs. The latter are persistent and pass into the food chain. Be careful about what you throw down your sink or toilet. Use environmentally household products, such as washing powder, household cleaning agents and toiletries.

Take great care not to overuse pesticides and fertilisers. This will prevent runoffs of the material into nearby water sources. By having more plants in your garden you are preventing fertiliser, pesticides and contaminated water from running off into nearby water sources.

Air Pollution - Video for Kids - Causes, Effects & Solution

Help clean up any litter you see on beaches or in rivers and lakes, make sure it is safe to collect the litter and put it in a nearby dustbin. In , the dumping of industrial waste was terminated in all countries in North-Western Europe, apart from the UK. Dumping was terminated in the UK in In , the dumping of sewage sludge was terminated in all countries in North-Western Europe, apart from the UK. Guidelines have been developed and are currently being reviewed regarding the dumping of polluted materials.

Dumping of nuclear waste in European waters has been terminated since There are a number of directives given in the European Union Environmental Legislation: The proposed water framework directive aims to achieve a number of objectives regarding health and environmental issues: — Enforce sufficient drinking water provisions. The urban waste water directive aims to protect surface inland waters and coastal waters from pollution by regulating the collection and treatment of urban waste water. The nitrate from agricultural sources directive aims to protect waters against pollution caused by nitrates, especially nitrates from agricultural sources such as fertilisers.

This will enable marine and freshwaters to be protected from eutrophication. The drinking water directive aims to establish strict standards regarding the quality of drinking water. The directive provides parameters and analysis methods, these standards must be met to ensure safe drinking water. The surface water for drinking water abstraction directive and measurement and sampling of surface waters directive and information exchange decision are integrated to form a framework that deals with wate protection of all waters, not just those used by humans.

The fish water directive and shell water directive aims to protect waters from pollution that are primarily used for fishing. The groundwater directive aims to protect groundwater from dangerous pollutants by controlling the direct and indirect discharges of certain substances into the groundwater.

preventing air pollution essay Preventing air pollution essay
preventing air pollution essay Preventing air pollution essay
preventing air pollution essay Preventing air pollution essay
preventing air pollution essay Preventing air pollution essay
preventing air pollution essay Preventing air pollution essay
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preventing air pollution essay Preventing air pollution essay

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