Sadness and happiness essay

Who runs Tracking Happiness?

Happiness, of course, is what is strived for every day because who truly wants to be sad day in and day out of their lives.

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People simply want to always be happy. In order for people to fully appreciate happiness, at some point they will have to experience some sort of sadness so that they can truly grasp the euphoria of happiness. From a personal standpoint, the moments I have experienced in sadness have made the happy moments even better. Like during the aftermath of losing in the state tournament with my high school soccer team, the sadness that was felt was something I will never forget. But then there was the next game a couple months later and the joy and happiness that I felt playing the game again I believe was because of the fact I had experienced the sadness that accompanies a devastating loss.

For instance Kingwell wrote, "The New English Dictionary defines happiness as, state of pleasurable content of mind, which results from success…" Success obviously brings happiness because of the fact of the pride in accomplishing something.

Failure on the other hand will bring on disappointment and sadness. Without ever truly experiencing failure how can one truly experience the outright joy from success? If Thomas Edison had gotten the light bulb right the first time would he have felt the same after he finally got it right after the hundredth time.

Obviously he still would have experienced happiness if he had gotten it right the first time, but after all those attempts and finally getting it right his happiness must have been exponentially better. Sadness is also something that helps people to realize what they have.

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Sadness brings out the outlook on life that shows you what you have. While happiness may shadow the true value of these things because of the positive outlook on life happiness brings. Happiness and sadness coexist with one another because without one the other cannot be felt. Happiness and sadness are on the opposite ends of the emotions spectrum and need to be both felt in order to fully appreciate the other because they show the positives of one another.

Essay on Sadness

Being happy all the time eliminates the feeling of sadness which is important to experience because it allows the human mind to be able to relate with other people. People who do experience sadness occasionally, are able to relate to other peoples sadness and be able to give them sympathy. Extremely happy people may have a hard time sympathizing with sad people because they may not be able to emotionally be able to understand what the other person is feeling. Neither happiness nor sadness can truly be explained because of the fact that happiness and sadness are unique to each person.

The same goes with sadness what may make one person feel like the world may end; may only male another person feel like they encountered some sort of inconvenience during the day. I myself took this questionnaire and found out that I had received a score of 3. In the evening, after the interview, and happiness sadness mask essay about Merry sent to the Spanish Best topics for argumentative essay minister a copy of the memorial.

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Can Happiness Exist Without Sadness? [Answer + Examples]

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sadness and happiness essay Sadness and happiness essay
sadness and happiness essay Sadness and happiness essay
sadness and happiness essay Sadness and happiness essay
sadness and happiness essay Sadness and happiness essay
sadness and happiness essay Sadness and happiness essay
sadness and happiness essay Sadness and happiness essay

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