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Data are presented in tabular form at present, because of the limitations of some computers, printers and VDUs in handling graphics. Papers must be submitted on disk either 3. Authors are required to have their papers refereed, before submission, by at least two scientists who have both post graduate qualifications and proven experience.

Institute of Agricultural Economics

A signed statement by the referees should accompany the submission. When authors have difficulty in locating appropriate referees, they should contact the nearest sub-editor who will provide names of suitable candidates. The paper can be in any of the official languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French and English, but the preferred format should be followed see notes for contributers.

For example, a paper originating from an African researcher and written in French should be submitted to the nearest sub-editor French , in this case Dr C Kayouli, of the Institut National Agronomique, Tunis, Tunisia. The sub-editor will have the final responsibility for acceptance or otherwise of the paper and will then send the disk direct to the coordinating centre in Colombia. Similar procedures will be followed by researchers working in other languages and geographical regions.

In order to ensure that the journal can be printed with the minimum of hardware and software, data presentation will be restricted initially to tables.

Rural Development

These should be written bearing in mind that the final paper will be prepared in ASCI format, thus the text should be written for standard size paper 65 characters x 54 lines, allowing for margins and tables should not exceed 23 lines in length, so they can be accommodated on a standard monitor and printer. Graphs and similar illustration will not be accepted in view of the special requirements these impose on printers. To save time and money, papers disks will not normally be returned to authors unless they so wish and are prepared to pay the costs.

Papers that are accepted will be published as received with only minor editing. The disks containing the edited papers will be received by the coordinating unit in Colombia.

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Editing will be minimal, mainly to ensure uniformity in style of presentation. As soon as 10 papers are available the particular number of the journal will be closed and the table of contents and indices prepared. The journal will be copied on both 3. Subscriptions to the journal will be paid for in the form of one floppy disk or equivalent for each number.

MGNREGA and Its Role in Rural Development

To receive the journal the potential subscriber simply sends TWO blank disks 3. The journal will be copied onto one of the disks which will be returned to the subscriber. The second disk will be retained as payment. Livestock Research for Rural Development is not only a cheap medium for publication; it affords new potential for the transmission of scientific data.

Despite the simple form of the original disks, the journal may be printed on high quality laser printers for retention on bookshelves and in libraries. Tabulated data in ASCII format can be further processed by the reader by statistical analysis or graphic presentation. Future developments in technology, such as compact discs and other new storage media, will permit further development of the concept and increased capacity for publication. Fax: ; Telex: ; Tel: International institutions and individuals that will receive, copy and forward journal disks. Tel: Submitted manuscripts should have a relationship to the economics of agriculture, natural resources, environment, or rural development.

Papers should have a practical orientation and demonstrate innovation in analysis, methods, or application.

List of Volumes & Issues

Topic areas include production economics and farm management, agricultural policy, agricultural environmental issues, tourism, regional planning and rural development, methodology, marketing of agricultural and food products, international trade and development, sport management. Research on a significant economic component, analyses of problems connected to research, extension, and teaching of the International MBA Network in Agribusiness and Commerce are also encouraged.

Our Journal DOI name is: We recommend that authors refer to these instructions, as well as the Instructions to Authors: Style and Form , during submission, peer review, acceptance, proof correction, and final publication phases. The journal publishes on its website the Annual Report of the International MBA Network in Agribusiness and Commerce, thus enabling members to have immediate access to the papers.

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  • Authors are responsible for reading their manuscripts and hereby affirm that the content of their manuscripts data including graphs, figures, tables, and illustrations has not appeared in print elsewhere except as abstracts, local or regional field day reports, extension letters, or non-peer-reviewed proceedings of conferences. Authors are aware that if the content detailed above has been published elsewhere, our Journal cannot accept it. If the similarity index is too high the manuscript will be immediately refused. The purpose of the journal is to ensure the publication of research results and assist in the exchange of information between researchers Ph.

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