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Parents should be good role models when their children display aggressive behaviors. By becoming upset and angry when dealing with an aggressive child makes them more aggressive.

By providing many physical activities such as exercise and outside play helps aggressive children to direct their energies to better and more constructive activities and avoid releasing unwanted emotions. Violent television programs and toys that encourage aggressive behavior such as the guns, sticks should be eliminated. Children usually imitate what they see rather than what they are told so through avoiding some activities that may escalate and promote aggression and redirect these children to appropriate activities.

To cut defiant behavior and replace it with positive experience parents should be able to play with their children, learn how to recognize and respond to their needs and develop and mend the relationship. This will help them identify any unwanted aggressive behaviors that may develop due to the feeling of being neglected, some parents do not play with their children and need to learn how to connect with them, recognize and respond to their needs in the most appropriate way. Rules and commands should be explicit, constant, firm and brief. Aggression needs a firm and consistent response for any misbehavior.

Shouting out or uttering a string of dire threats to an aggressive only makes the child more resistant to any change of behavior that you wish to suppress and helps develop aggression. Planning and avoiding places which trigger aggression in children such as supermarket where a child grabs whatever is around them helps in minimizing aggression behaviors incase the child does not get what they wish to have Berkowitz, , pp Human beings are not born violent but rather bent towards brutality and self-destruction due to their aggressive behaviors.

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Aggression is usually a result of unfair environments that frustrate and degrade the human dignity. Aggression like all unwanted behaviors involves biological forces and social environment that regulate behavior. Aggression is thus an outcome of the regulations between the external and internal stimuli. The television should not be fully ignored as a cause towards aggressiveness in children but the society must play a communal role in providing a good environment that does not promote frustration in the lives of the young children. Parents should ensure that they provide their children with almost all the basic needs within their reach and spare enough time to relate with their children so as to learn them as well as discover any aggressive behaviors that may be developing and stop them before they get to distractive levels.

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Show More. A child who repeatedly witnesses violent acts may begin to lash out aggressively, believing that it is the proper way to behave. For example, a child who repeatedly witnesses an abusive father is more likely to become abusive in the future Isom, Parents play a dual role in the development of children. First, they serve as role models for those children who show them how to behave towards others. Second, they correct children when they misbehave.

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Even if children are exposed to violent images, either in the media or elsewhere, parents can step in and explain that the behavior is inappropriate and how it negatively impacts others. In this way the effect of media violence can be mitigated. A child who views aggressive behavior and then imitates it, must be mad to understand the negative consequences of such actions.

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By firmly establishing models of behavior in the earliest part of life, children can understand that violent behavior is aberrant rather than normal. The Role of Society The overwhelming number of violent images is. Essay Media Violence Promotes Aggressive Behavior Violent media as entertainment is evident in our everyday lives, as seen in films, television, radio, newspapers, internet, music or any other type of media.

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Words: - Pages: 5. Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages:. People hate hurting others. It can be extremely distressing and traumatic, and can require training, social support and experience to do it. Perhaps this all sounds a little too convenient. Some violent individuals might say that their actions were morally motivated.

How do we know that they are not simply lying after the fact? What we must remember is that the justifications perpetrators provide for their actions tell us a lot about the moral ideas of their community. If people actually do care whether his statement is true, then Rice is right. The excuses that perpetrators offer reveal the moral standards of those being appealed to. Try assuming the opposite: imagine that moral excuses are always just a sham to get the perpetrator out of trouble.

The first thing you notice is what a bad job they do. Suppose the perpetrator of some brutal crime wants to avoid jail. What should she say? That would be stupid. Perpetrators do say that kind of thing all the time, of course — in court. But before the lawyers get a chance to groom them, they can often be found bragging about their deeds to friends and neighbours — the people, in short, who share their moral code.

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If we accept that dangerous people might be motivated by genuine moral beliefs, we confront a troublingly subjective dimension to morality as such. At the very least, we must face the possibility that one can be sincerely wrong about it. Perhaps this sounds like cheap relativism.

What, empirically speaking, happens when we stop thinking of moral values as objective facts that are true everywhere at all times, seeing them instead as subjective opinions that differ across cultures and history? Well, in the lab at least, it seems we lose our bearings. In , the psychologist Keith Holyoak at UCLA and I presented test subjects with evidence that certain violent acts — acts that the subjects themselves said they deplored — were viewed by others as morally acceptable.

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  • Another group read an article claiming that female genital mutilation was unequivocally evil. A control group read an article about cooking. Merely querying one moral conviction had the effect of undermining moral behavior in a seemingly distant domain. I t would be easier to live in a world where perpetrators believe that violence is wrong and engage in it anyway.

    That is not the world we live in. While our refusal to acknowledge this basic fact may have helped to orient our own moral compass, it has also stood in the way of interventions that might actually reduce harm. How does the message that violence is morally motivated aid our efforts to reduce it? For years, we have been trying to reduce crime by enacting mass incarceration, by placing restrictions on the mentally ill, and by teaching potential perpetrators how to exercise more self-control.

    On the face of it, these all sound like plausible strategies.

    Aggression and the Social Learning Theory

    But all of them miss their target. One of the most robust findings in criminology is that increasing the severity of punishment has little deterrent effect. Meanwhile, because most violent crimes are committed by psychologically healthy individuals, legislation that focuses on the mentally ill — for example, by stopping them from buying guns — would lead to only a small reduction. Only when violence in any relationship is seen as a violation of every relationship will it diminish. Finally, if violence is not in fact a mistake from the point of view of the perpetrator, strategies intended to help him exercise better control over himself would miss the point.

    essays on aggression and violence Essays on aggression and violence
    essays on aggression and violence Essays on aggression and violence
    essays on aggression and violence Essays on aggression and violence
    essays on aggression and violence Essays on aggression and violence
    essays on aggression and violence Essays on aggression and violence

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